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Entry #1 - "Golden"

Artist statement:  For the theme “Representation Matters,” I have chosen color as my main target. Many people are colorblind, no? Most colorblind people are still able to see some color, so they see the world filled with some hope. If we all view the world as black and white, what hope will we have to survive? There will be no hope. That’s the moral of this story. Without color, there will be nothing to guide us. This piece is a black and white falcon with its iris being the only thing that’s colored. I used watercolor as my main medium to show the gracefulness of humanity along with the falcon to represent the bitterness of our existence also. Prismacolor pencils are used for the iris to give it depth. Perception is key to understand what really lays behind this piece. A golden hue was given to the eye to convey the feelings of hope, prosperity, and warmth.





Entry #2 - Representation Matters

Artist statement:   I did the background in watercolor, as well as the Earth, which I later went over with colored pencils to add texture. I splattered the stars and painted each silhouette with acrylic. I made this piece to bring attention to different people that often go underrepresented and to hopefully make others realize the importance of representation in all forms.





Entry # 3 - The Colors of Life

Artist Statement:   My piece consists of acrylic paint and a xerox transfer of my own photographs and a couple newspaper articles on to heavy-body paper. I focused on contrast in my piece, both through texture and color. I used a palette knife in order to create the texture with the acrylic, and the process of transferring the photos with acetone in black ink creates the contrast of color. The photos I chose all consist of small moments, sunlight in the boughs of a tree, an interesting texture, the simple pleasures of life. In addition to this, I overlaid some faint newspaper articles on the Stonewall riots in the same technique. This side of grayscale is life, and the other the passion to live. One is static, the other a constant eb and flow. Thus, the color bleeds over to the other side. The figure is drenched in color, so that he may not lose it. Life can be muddled, grey, and jumbled, passion breaths color back into it. At times in my life, I have lost my color, and thus the goal of my piece is to prevent that. To preserve not just my colors, my passions, but others as well.

Competition Details:

The theme for the 2021 Battle of the Canvas art competition was “Representation Matters.”  Artists were asked to express what this meant to them in their original work of art. The competition was open to Indiana high school students.  The Chi Chi Omega Battle of the Canvas judges voted for the top three images based on interpretation of the theme, technical skill, and originality.  The community gets to pick first, second, and third place.  


Prizes:  1st place - $300, 2nd place - $100, 3rd place - $50  


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